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All instructors at Pilates from The Center are graduates of the Level 5 Classical Pilates Method. The training they've had to complete offers the most comprehensive and intensive overview of the Pilates practice in North America, giving them both practical and experiential knowledge as exceptional Movement Educators. 

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Prior to owning Pilates from The Center, Kim was the SVP of Marketing for a $3B publicly traded retail company. That demanding career led her to Pilates to repair and restore her body from the damaging effects of constant air travel, constant sitting, and constant stress. Pilates was her opportunity to take time out and reinvigorate her mind and body. As an Instructor, she strives to educate and inspire her clients to see and feel the benefits of the practice. She was a PFTC client for over 12 years and a graduate of its Advanced Teacher Training Program before purchasing the studio.

Kim Owens


As a former dance teacher, Tracy understands the foundations of functional movement and the life-changing benefits of Classical Pilates. She was a Pilates practitioner for over a decade before she completed the Advanced Teacher Training Program through The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO. She has been a Certified Pilates Instructor for over 10 years and believes there is no end to the depth of the practice. She feels Pilates is the best form of exercise and offers a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as energy and enthusiasm, to her Pilates clients.

Tracy Dekker


As a professional dancer, Nadja was introduced to Pilates to help restore her body. She strongly believes in the Classical Pilates Method and has been sharing her extensive knowledge and expertise with clients for over 15 years. Nadja is a graduate of The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado and a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT) who has been an integral part of the PFTC studio since its inception. She was Kim's first instructor at the studio over 12 years ago and takes full responsibility for that outcome!

Nadja Swetnam


After 20 years of teaching and regular self-practice, Donna is continually enthused and fascinated by Pilates. Donna is a graduate of the Pilates Center and has focused much of her career on Restorative Pilates, using slower movements and modifications to restore and reset alignment. She is an example of how these movement skills revitalize and rebalance every body, resulting in a natural ease and grace.

Donna Stevenson


Claire is trained in Classical Pilates and is a graduate of PFTC's Advanced Teacher Training Program. She is a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT) who believes in strong fundamentals and the power of consistency to make change. She found this when she began her journey as a client of PFTC's several years ago and is a focused, dedicated instructor offering classes in both English and Korean. 

Claire Seo


Brooke has a long history working with clients to achieve their health goals. For years, she worked as a Registered Nurse but after having children, she discovered the transformative benefits of Pilates. Eager to learn more, she completed PFTC's Advanced Teacher Training Program to help clients get stronger, reduce pain, and transform their health and wellbeing. As a Pilates Instructor, Brooke enjoys connecting with clients, educating them on intelligent body mechanics, and supporting them in reaching their goals. 

Brooke Loftus

Shelley is passionate about keeping people moving. In addition to to being a graduate of PFTC's Advanced Teacher Training Program, she is also a registered Pilates, Yoga & Group Fitness instructor with the BCRPA and holds a B.Sc. Kinesiology from SFU. Shelley is proud of integrating her continuous learning into her teaching methods. She has been instructing people of all ages and fitness levels for over 10 years with the goal of making her clients stronger, more flexible and revitalized after every session.

Shelley Pendreigh
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