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Our Advanced Pilates Teacher Training Program is the only Canadian program to earn the PMA's "Pilates School Approval" designation which required a complete review of our curriculum, content, and instructor credentials to ensure we met the highest standards of Classical Pilates education.  


The Advanced Diploma Program begins in Fall each year and is based on a 9 month curriculum amounting to over 395 hours of study and practice. Upon completion of the program, you will be a fully qualified Level 5 Classical Pilates Instructor and Movement Educator. Our extensive training will also make you eligible and qualified to take the NPCP (National Pilates Certification Program) from the PMA themselves. The NPCP exam is designed to measure the skill and knowledge of a comprehensively trained candidate. 



The objective of the lecture modules is to learn all Level 4, 5 and Classical Archival exercises on the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Mat, Barrels and Small Apparatus while being introduced to Franklin Method imagery and concepts. Each lecture module will cover:

  • A breakdown of each level's exercises on Reformer, Mat, Cadillac, Chairs, Barrels and Misc. Apparatus 

  • Breath and choreography of each exercise

  • Transitions and Bridge Exercises for each level 

  • Personal practice of each level

  • Practice teaching of each level


The objective of the Movement Skills is to acquire a deeper understanding of the Fundamentals of the Pilates Method as well as a deeper understanding of the body and it's movement patterns.

Movement Skills 1 

Bone Rhythms & The Link System - you will learn to see how a change in the body’s alignment is associated with adjustments/changes in the joints and muscles OR how adjustments/changes in the joints and muscles are associated with a change in the body’s alignment.

Movement Skills 2 

Teaching Special Populations - you will learn how to identify unique movement challenges and the best way to teach clients who are recovering from an injury or who are dealing with ongoing ailments.

3 SYMPOSIUMS (12 Hours) 

The Symposium content will vary year to year as part of the curriculum. Some examples of the Symposiums we offer are:

  1. Oppositional Energy 

  2. Dance of the Girdles 

  3. Spring Into Mat

  4. Building Blocks; How Similar Exercises Build From Level 1-5


We present additional symposiums throughout the year covering subject matter of interest to the Pilates community. Trainees are welcome to attend any of interest at an additional cost.

EXAMS (13 hours) 

Throughout the program there will be 1 written and 1 Comprehensive exam that require an 85% passing grade:

  • Theory Exam Level 1-5

  • Comprehensive Exam Level 1-5 (Practical and Performance)

In addition, there will be Performance and Teaching evaluations:

  • Mid-term Exam - Performance Level 4 and Observed Teach Level 4

  • Final Exam - Performance Level 5 and Observed Teach Level 5


Observation - 75 hours

Lessons - 45 hours

Practice Teaching - 100 hours

Personal Practice - 75 hours

Case Study  - 15 hours

Observed Teaching - 6 hours

Miscellaneous (research/reporting/required reading) 

Prerequisite for Advanced Program:

  • Level 1-3 Classical Pilates Teacher Training Certification from PFTC or a recognized school

  • Ability to perform and teach the Level 3 Classical Pilates repertoire on all pieces of equipment

If you are already a trained Pilates Instructor in any method, we are pleased to offer any of our  lecture weekends, movement skills, or symposiums as continuing education.

If you are interested in learning more about our Advanced Teacher Training Program, please email us at
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