"An wholesome learning environment where instructors respectfully coax, challenge & celebrate my progress..."

"I’ve been a client with Pilates from the Centre for the past few years.  I find the instructors to be incredibly knowledgeable, flexible and really understand what my body needs.  Plus, and most importantly in my opinion, their ability to communicate, so I can maximize my practice and get results, is top-notch.  I feel very comfortable in the space and my body has totally responded. I’ve gone from being nearly bed-ridden with a neck injury last year, to this year doing headstands!  I love it so much, I have joined their instructor training program."

"I've been to other Pilates studios and I've never felt so welcome.  The Instructors at Pilates from the Center really care about me and my progress and I feel like I'm being taken care of." 

"Every time I walk into Pilates from the Center I feel like I can breathe more easily; and every time I walk out my whole body, mind and spirit feel amazing.  I love studio and I love the work!!"